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Mariette Auvray et Gabriel Laurent


Paz, Adam, Ido and Danielle are all around 20 years old. These young Israelis, students in literature, performance artists, and painters, enjoy meeting in an underground bar in Jerusalem called the Uganda. Their country’s endless conflict forces them to wonder about their own responsibility in relation to History. It makes them doubt the worth or wisdom of considering a future in Israel. Although their grandparents fought to found the state, some of these young adults are driven by a single desire, to leave the land. They hope to blossom abroad. A blend of rebellion and hopelessness, Goodbye Jerusalem takes a frank look at the cracks in Israeli society, and the cathartic effect of rock music and art.



Full HD (1080x1920)
DVD / File / Blu-ray
Hebrew - English (sub) - French (sub)

Mariette Auvray & Gabriel Laurent
Mariette Auvray & Gabriel Laurent
Aymeric Eustache
Winter Family (Xavier Klaine & Ruth Rosenthal)
Mariette Auvray, Gabriel Laurent & Anne de Mo

Nicole Levigne
Lyon Capitale TV – Vosges Télévision

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